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I think we’ll definitely strip it back, especially with Opposites we really threw everything we could at that record in terms of instruments and all the weirdness going on, so for me it would feel wrong to try and do something crazier than that, in terms of the over-the-top instruments. So I think we’ll strip it back and have just guitar, bass and drums, and there’ll be a few kind of odd things going on, but it should sound just like guys in a room to a certain extent. We’ve peaked as much as we could with Opposites with all the bombast. So we’ll go stripped back. Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro on their next album. (via thebiffyboffin)

Biffy in this month’s Q Magazine!

“Little Hospitals” was a little late in the recording process. We just felt we wanted something with a little more of a punky edge. That one came out a little bit later. There are kazoos on that song that kind of come out of nowhere. That one came later. Someone had handed Simon a bag of kazoos. He would enter the studio and we’d be rolling around in laughter, but really happy how it turned out. That was one of the surprises in the recording process. Suddenly, it was like, “F**k, we’ve got 17 kazoos. Are we losing our minds?” Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best. (via startoveragain23)


Si’s new tatt!

looks like fish coming out of a dick with a human head. decent though

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